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Liberty Mobility Now Locations

In partnership with the Texas Department of Transportation and Coastal Bend Center for Independent Living, Liberty will launch in the Coastal Bend starting September 2017 under the “MobilityNOW!” project. For more information on Liberty in Texas, e-mail or call 1-888-785-4237.

Coastal Bend Area Manager
John E. Doherty

John Doherty was raised in Corpus Christi, TX. He joined the military in 2004, and has been serving for 13 years in multiple roles, including six years Active Duty military police. In 2010, Doherty transitioned from Active Duty to the Reserves, and cross-trained into the medical field in order to help veterans and current members of the military. During this time, he worked at several military hospitals and facilities providing patient care, and trained as an Aeromedical Staging medic qualified to work in deployed environments, building mobile hospitals and transporting wounded warriors in need of medical care. Doherty received his Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from the University of Cincinnati. After college, he moved back to Corpus Christi, and joined the National Guard as a disaster response medic. He served as a first responder search and extraction medic during Hurricane Harvey, helping local communities of Texas reestablish fluent medical operations and readiness.


June 22, 2017 – MobilityNOW! Partner Group Finalizes Short & Long Term Goals

The MobilityNOW! Partner Group Members pose together celebrating establishing goals for 2017-2022 in the Coastal Bend Region.  

Pictured from left to right – front row: Valerie Lefler, Liberty Mobility Now, Richard Balli, Corpus Christi Committee for People with Disabilities, Judy Telge, Center for Independent Living, back row: Daniel Prado, Work Services Voc Rehab, Dorothy Wade, Nueces County Community Action Agency, Stephanie Villarreal, Nueces County Veterans Services, Christa Rasche, Education Service Centers Region 2, Russell Wier, Behavioral Health Services, Coastal Plains Community Center, Vicki Krcha, Methodist Healthcare Ministries, Sabrina Avila, Coastal Bend Center for Independent Living, Crystal Lyons, ADA Consultant, Cindy Cruz-Perez, UnitedHealthcare, Viola Monrreal, Coastal Bend Aging and Disability Resource Center, Kathy Wilson, Methodist Healthcare Ministries, Jana Shoe, 2-1-1 Texas/United Way Helpline.


Short Term Goals

For the Texas Coastal Bend Region – supporting rural and urban communities October 2017 – September 2018 we have established the following goals for the demonstration period.


  1. 70% of individuals 60-plus will be aware of transportation options where they live and know how to use them to access services they need.
  2. An adequate number of trained and knowledgeable drivers and transportation partners will be available to provide mobility services to fill 80% of trip requests.

Cross Disability

  1. Liberty Drivers are trained in interaction and support of individuals with disabilities.
  2. Capacity of wheelchair accessible transportation services will increase to meet demand, including availability during non-traditional hours of service.

Families & Individuals in Poverty

  1. Identify a list of 10 additional and nontraditional transportation resources to assist families and individuals in poverty. (ex. transportation to the food bank or mobile food pantries.)
  2. Educate transit providers to support on-demand mobility-as-a-service as an extension of their service delivery to increase transportation options. (ex. Identify funding to integrate rural and urban transit into Liberty app booking technology.)


  1. Create and distribute resource map/matrix to navigate transportation resources available to veterans transportation benefits across agencies.
  2. Utilize MobilityNOW! to fill in gaps and identify areas where additional funding/resources are necessary in the short term such as the the Veterans Choice Program.


  1. Mobility as a Service Options will be affordable for all members of the community.
  2. Identify new sources of match funds to leverage public transportation funding.


Long Term Goals

We have establish 5 Year Planning Goals for 2022 to enable our Partner Group to continue momentum and initiatives beyond the first year.


  1. Multiple funding and staff resources will work together provide sustainable funding for local transportation navigators (mobility management) that connects seniors to the transportation they need.
  2. Transportation options will be affordable and available when needed to connect seniors to housing, healthcare and community activities for healthy rural living.

Cross Disability

  1. Provide a variety of transportation options to meet the diversity of needs of individuals with disabilities.
  2. Increase marketing of transportation services to improve utilization for community connections, as well as provide additional sources of financial support.

Families & Individuals in Poverty

  1. Develop transportation pathways to provide transportation navigation and funding to make elements for healthy living readily available – such as community gardens, volunteer services, adequate public assistance, educational and employment opportunities, etc.
  2. Integrated planning is underway to address the increase of access of resources as more people can now utilize the services for a variety of community connections (employment, education, medical, etc.).


  1. Create Veteran to Veteran transportation matching resources for Liberty Drivers with veteran passengers.
  2. Have annual fundraising campaign for gaps in service for Veterans transportation needs.


  1. The Mobility as a Service option will be sustainable providing long term access for those with transportation needs.


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Apply to bring Liberty to your community!   With hundreds of requests each month to launch service, we now require an application fee for new communities to be considered.