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In small urban and rural communities transportation options can be limited.  Here at Liberty we’re looking to change that, by giving folks multiple transportation options with the click of a button, tap of smart phone, or dial on the telephone.

  • Looking for a ride to the doctor?
  • Need someone to take Dad or Mom to the grocery store?
  • Headed to church?
  • Car in the shop and need to grab a ride to work?
  • Need a lift home from the bar?

Anyone can use Liberty to get where they need to go – when, and how they wish to get there.

Friends and family can also use Liberty to make sure loved ones can travel to where they need to go safely – giving everyone the freedom to do what they need to do – without the burden of asking or changing schedules around.

Organizations also work with Liberty to offer transportation options for their clients, patients, students, or customers.  We are one of the first organizations globally to offer mobility as a service.

Currently we are planning deployment in 7 states in 2017.  By 2020 Liberty plans to be available nationwide in the US and operating in several countries around the world.

We partner with existing transportation options (public transit, taxi, shuttle, etc.) in the community to provide a one stop shop for mobility information, booking, and payment options.  In areas where there is need, we add our Liberty Drivers to fill in the gaps.

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