New Community Application

At Liberty, our mantra is plan the work, work the plan. In doing so, we carefully consider each community we serve and ensure our technology, staffing, and resources will meet the goals set forth by our partners. We receive hundreds of requests for service each month, and as an organization we have put in place a process to consider each opportunity and plan accordingly.

If you are serious about having Liberty deploy in your neighborhood, city, county, parish, borough, or region, we are requiring all organizations to complete an application.



applications are due in:

We are now accepting applications for fall 2018 – spring 2019 implementation.  If you want to launch Liberty Mobility as a Service in your community before May 2019 you must apply before the deadline.  We accept all applications on a first come first serve basis.  

Overview of the Process

There are 3 steps required before we start service in a community.  First, we require that the organization serving as the lead agency in the service deployment has completed and paid the application fee. Next, we request the applicant complete the scoping document (complete here) and we set up a time for a pre-proposal conference call.  Together, we go through in-detail the challenges in the community, existing reports or human service coordinated plans, our technology, the partners together at the table, and develop the goals of the Liberty Mobility as a Service launch. Once we agree on the proposal, we finalize the timeline for implementation and payment plan. The process is outlined below:Frequently Asked Questions

What is the application fee & why are you charging to apply?

The application fee is $997.  With requests coming in from around the world to launch Liberty Mobility as a Service, we need to plan our resources, deployment schedule, and staff dedicated to special topics like food scarcity, transportation and health care policy, and rural road safety. 

We have incredible stretch goals and we need to know who is coming with us for the Fall 2018 – Spring 2019 sprint, so we can leverage resources, expertise, and work together to be as successful as possible.  By charging an application fee, we can determine who is serious and who is curious.  Both are good things, but if organizations who are serious want to launch Liberty service before July 2019, they need to apply today!  It’s okay if you don’t have all the details right now.  We will work through those together during the proposal process.  

What happens once I pay my application fee? Is that the full application?

No, payment of the application fee is the start of the process.  Once the application fee is paid, we will set up a date and time to complete our goal setting session with your planning team via conference call or GoToMeeting.

We will spend about an hour with your organization discussing the community, mobility challenges, goals, etc. and answer all your detailed questions about Liberty’s technology, marketing, and safety.  By the end of the session, the anticipation is that we walk away with a strong understanding of your goals for us and an outline of how we’re going to work together to make it happen. 

From the goal-setting session and outline, Liberty will prepare a detailed proposal for deployment of our service in the region specified to meet your community’s needs.  We then have a follow-up meeting to review the final proposal and make any edits/adjustments necessary. Once the proposal is finalized and accepted, we can move forward in finalizing a detailed schedule and payment plan.

What happens if we change our mind or Liberty isn’t a great fit for us?

If you decide at any time in the process that Liberty is not a great fit, we will gladly refund 100% of your application fee.   There is no risk to apply.  The only risk is if you don’t apply by May 31 – as it will be July 2019 before we can start service in your community.

What types of organizations can submit an application?

There are a wide variety of organizations we have worked with in developing Liberty’s current service areas.  Examples of organizations we typically partner with include Hospitals, Departments of Public Health, Non-Profits, Foundations, Veterans Foundations, Community Action Agencies, State Departments of Transportation, Churches, Home Owner Associations, Business Owners, Chambers of Commerce, City Administrators, Departments of Economic Development, Managed Care Organizations, and more!  That is why Liberty takes such care to prepare a detailed proposal for each community.

If multiple organizations are working together, who completes the application or do each of our organizations need to pay the application fee?

Ideally, the lead point of contact for the service deployment pays for the application fee, and then we will start with the conversation there in setting up the date and time for the conference call/GoToMeeting.  Any number of organizations can join the planning team.  There is no need for each partner to pay the application fee for the service area.

What if I’m interested, but I am not certain about the timeline I can get started or my budget?

We’ve got your back.  You want to make a difference in your community and so do we!  We can work together in your timeline, budget, and payment plan.  As long as you want to start service by July 2019, we can coordinate schedules and goals accordingly.   We recommend submitting the application including the “proposal support” package, as then if you need support writing a grant or otherwise to launch the service we can have additional resources available.