Karen Edler

After a two-year battle with breast cancer that included many treatments and surgeries, Karen Edler wanted to pay back her friends, family, and community for all the support they gave her during those years.

To do this, she founded Team Hope, a non-profit that raises money for individuals going through cancer and other hardships, and Kare ‘n More, an errand service for the elderly, handicapped, and homebound. As if that weren’t enough, Karen found another way to give back when Liberty launched in Yankton.

“During a short trip to Omaha, my husband Dave and I used Uber,” Karen said. “It was so convenient for us, and I told Dave I want to be an Uber driver. I got on their website, filled out an application, and was told that they do not offer services in Yankton. When I saw that Liberty was starting up in Yankton, I was so excited and applied right away. Kate (Yankton’s Area Manager) contacted me and got my application rolling, and within a week, I was a driver.  

Karen loves driving for Liberty because she gets to talk to people in the Yankton community and it fits into her schedule.

“I have several jobs and commitments, so my time is limited,” Karen said. “The great thing about Liberty is that I can be online when it’s convenient for me and my busy schedule. I’m a people-person, I love meeting new people and what a great opportunity this is to do that.”

In rural America, only 14% of elderly residents report having any kind of public transit service available within one-half mile of their home. Liberty works to provide transportation for those who need it, and Karen is already seeing the positive effects that Liberty is having on her community.

“Considering that Liberty has only been in service for a short time, I have had several comments about how happy people are that this service came available,” Karen said. “People have shared their transportation struggles with me. One particular woman was using our service to get to work, and she loved the convenience.”

“It’s clear that there are many people that can benefit from a safe, reliable transportation service like Liberty.”

If you’d like to become a driver, download our Liberty Driver App or click here.

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