As a dispatch worker for a call center for natural gas emergencies, a father of two, and a loving husband, Jordan knows the meaning of hard work.

Jordan had wanted to participate in ride-sharing services for a while, the flexible hours were appealing, and he could make his own schedule while making money. However, with no opportunities for this in town, he was never able to do so. 

He heard about Liberty through a local Facebook post; “I viewed this as an opportunity to do what I like, interacting with folks and to make some side money to provide for my family.” With this mindset, he applied to become a Liberty driver.

In America, More than 1.6 million rural households do not have access to a car. Jordan has seen this need: “I’ve been told by many people how great it is to know they have a safe ride home or to go to the store that would be too far for them to walk.”

When asked what he’d like the riders of his area to know, he responded with this, “I’d like passengers to know that we are here for you in Scottsbluff, no matter how far, and know that the Liberty drivers here are ready 24/7 and enjoy your business.”


If you’d like to become a driver, download our Liberty Driver App or click here.

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